Saturday, 28 February 2009

Magnolia Vs Stampavie (Week 15) feel the sketch

I have used some papers i found in my box, my cuttlebug embossing folder to emboss my bling bazzill card, stamped image, handmade dangly with brad and heart with beads and finally a punch tag with text.

Hope you like

Friday, 27 February 2009


This weeks challenge over at Dotties world is great as it is to recreate one of your old cards. So here is mine, i have used girl about town download from Dotties world along with the circle text. I have incorporated my new BG papers agin as i love them so much and don't know why i haven't had these in the past, prima flower and a hat pin from my local haberdashery along with embellishments and ribbons from my stash.

The text on the christmas card was a peel off so i have done a close up incase you can't see the original design.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


I have used my new BG papers for the background and my new sherbet stamp which i have decoupaged the flower and bud, along with some embellishments from my stash. I love these stamps and really want to use my copics but i have just found out i need a memento pad so i am now awaiting its arrival, then i need to learn how to blend correctly as this is my down fall on cards unfortunately, but i have found a great tutorial at pretty pressings of which i intend using to practice these needed skills. I have therefore used watercolours to do this image but not really that happy with the result. Anyway at least i have managed a card for the day/night

Blog candy

wow check out what Carlz hubby to be has bought and not for her as such but for her blog candy how good his he.

Charizma cardz challenge 8 (animals)/3D somethings challenge

I MADE THIS BABY GIRL LAST NITE FOR SOME FRIENDS OF MINE AND HUBBY'S. I have just realised it will fit in with this weeks challenge at Charizma cardz yippee as i have lots of little animals from bunnies and lambs to bears etc and also with the 3D stamps something as it's got loads of 3D effects including the fact that the card itself is 3D. I HAVE MAINLY USED SCRAPS OF PAPERS AND THINGS FROM MY STASH. THE LAST PAGE IS BABY GIRL PAPER ? MAKE THE I HAVE CUT OUT A BAZZILL CIRCLE AND ADDED SOME FLOWERS FROM STATSH AND THE THE BEAR IS A DIECUT I PURCHASED FROM EBAY QUITE A WHILE AGO, THE 3D STICKERS I THINK ARE K & Co AND THEY ARE SO ADORABLE.

The second page is pink bazzill background with another white bazzill circle decorated with flowers from stash and 3d K&C0 stickers. Peel offs added with personal details.

Front page is backing paper ?, with another pink bazzill circle then i embossed some card using my favourite cuttlebug embossing floder(dots) and then i i diecut the letters added 3 d foam and another small embellishment and ribbons to finish.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

lots of Blog candy

go check out Marlenes stash of candy not just one or two lots but many more and check out her lovely blog whilst there for inspiration.

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Check out the new releases from and they are also offering Mega Blog Candy, 6 clear stamp sets for one lucky winner and these have only just been released how good is that then eh?



I have to say it was worth the wait. Here are some of my belated birthday gifts from the postie today. my BG papers from the glitter pot (these look lush) and my copics which i have never used before so any tips and advice welcomed, before i google or search your blogs and finally my packets of flowers. Oh and my hubby has ordered me a proper chopper guillotine from his work as well as me buying a cheap roller one from partners for now.

Ps i have been trying to pay for some digital downloads from Dotties world but payment will not go through ? why has anybody else had any problems, i have also tried leaving comments today but like several others it is now not working for me.

catch you laters

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Truly Scrumptious sketch

Here is my card for the first challenge from Truly Scrumptious. The sketch is a fab one to work to although this did take me ages due to my guillotine breaking on me and having to do all the cutting with a knife and ruler whilst wiping away my tears with exhaustion and frustration from my blooming guillotine it really worked me up. But i think this has turned out great and i am happy i could be part of this first great challenge.

Cross, upset and annoyed

Good evening (in a very cross voice)
I am so upset (really). I have worked my balls of all day doing house chores, ironing, running around after 3 children, getting ready for school tomorrow etc. Finally got me time and thought i would sit and do some challenges using my new sherbet stamps from pollycraft, when i used my guillotine and the card was to thick and yes you guessed it(it broke). so i used my spare guillotine which is 5 years old and yes you guessed its rubbish and doesn't cut straight so found myself cutting it further and further until the card was to small. I am screaming, crying and really fed up now. My husband thinks its hilirousbut said he would buy me a new one but i want one now. So i am now trying to make a card using my metal ruler and cutting mat and it is taking for ages feel like just brushing it all of the table and going to bed in a huff. If i do get this card finished i will need a blooming huge medal. Hope you guys had a better evening.

Saturday, 21 February 2009


wow you have got to check out Bevs blog candy she is so so generous i am amazed and so will be the winner of this lovely lot and there is 2 chances two she is so sweet.


This is my card for Charisma cards challenge no7 , it is themed hugs and cuddles and so i have used my dottie download of the rock and roll couple, i have decoupaged her skirt for extra depth and also glittered various parts of clothing and used diamond glaze for the jacket. I have added a couple of buttons and the ovals were ment to be the spot lights .


Well you had better go and check out Jacquies cool blog candy if you wish a chance of winning.

new award

My lovely blog friend Semsee has awarded me this lovely award, thank you Semsee i am glad you are my friend and now i have to pass onto 5 of my friends so here it goes.






well girlies you are my 5 chosen friends so now it's your turn to pass it on

Friday, 20 February 2009


Due to the fact we are skint in this household after christmas and then with moving i sadly didn't get any birthday presents (aghhhhhhhh) as my birthday was on the 18th just gone. But on a more positive note i have just ordered 2 sets of copics manga 1 and manga 2 and a blender pen, thought i would give these pens a rty as i couldn't get on with my sisters promarkers even though i do not know how to use these copics i am sure my bloggy friends will spurr me on. I also ordered some blooms in seaside and exotic all from crafts u love I then decided to order some BG papers from the glitter pot as these are such an excellent price. Thats all for now but i will be ordering some of the new easter magnolia stamps as these are just beautiful and some more stamps when i catch up on the new releases. So i should have enough stuff to keep me going for a day (lol) only joking more like for a few weeks not loaded like some of you guys, just need a martha stewart punch now anybody feel like donating me a freebie (he he he) guess not i will have to try and win some then.
that's all folks (bugs bunny line) i think xx

wow Blog Candy

Wow you had all better get yourself across to Rachels blog you won't be dissapointed by this amazing candy.


Good Evening everybody

Just to let you all know i have moved and have finally unpacked and sorted everything. I have only been activated today with virgin so i back online and catching up with my blogging now after what seems a life time, i don't know why it takes these suppliers so long when they only have to press a god damn button. Anyway i did receive my gorgeous sherbet stamps and beautifully decorated box from pollycrafts and god was i chuffed, these stamps are adorable and even more so when you can touch them and play with them (lol) still got to use them but will be doing some cards this weekend with my new products so keep watching and thank you pollycrafts for this wonderful blog candy


wow check out Zoe's, not one but 5 blog candy chances how amazing and generous is that check it out at

Friday, 13 February 2009


Hi bloggy friends

Just to let you all know i have moved and i am finally getting settled with most things unpacked.
I am using my sisters comp at the moment as virgin messed up me going online at my new house so this is going to be another 10 days (very frustrating). Anyway on a more posititive note, i have received my beautiful blog candy from pollycrafts can't show you at the moment but i was so happy i had won this, the stamps are so amazing and i can't wait to use them and the box they came in was so beautiful too. i will put them on asap along with probably several cards i will have done by the time virgin gets me online. Anyway because i am a kind sister i gave my sister Tracy 2 stamps for her birthday but i couldn't decide which to choose so let her do it herself, i also picked up some rubber stamps at half price from my local craft shop so gave some for my sis and some for me, bless her she has been so poorly just lately so i know this cheered her up. Anyway that;s all for now hope everyone else is well and i will be back asap.
Debra xx

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Good morning bloggy friends
thought i would get 2 mins to do a last minute posting before we depart. I have managed to pack most things and what a busy and stressful week it has been especially with the snow and kids of screaming not been easy. Any i will say farewell for a FEW DAYS UNTIL I BACK ONLINE AT MY NEW HOUSE AND HOPEFULLY WILL BE UP AND RUNNing in my craftroom.
tool a few pics of the mess whislt packing and moving this morning and also have the 2 youngsters with us today (so that should be fun) NOT. Anyway have fun you guys and see you all soon

Debra xx

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Yes finally i have a blog counter, all i need now is lots of visitors so i can do my first ever blog candy. So once i have 1,000 hits i will put up some lush candy for my bloggy friends. If it wasn't for the help of Jacque then i still wouldn't have one
Thanks Jacque (jacque4u2c)

Blog Counter

Dear bloggy friends i have been trying to put a blog counter onto my blog, but as usual when i try to do these things they just don't work for me. I don't know why i have followed there instructions at least 20 times now and i am quite annoyed. I would like to see how many visitors i am getting and then when i have reached my first 1,000 hits i too would like to offer some lush candy to celebrate
Please help

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Dottie download

just managed to make a quick card today using one of the cool down loads from for my nieces birthday this week, used my glaze but as you can see didn't burst all those damn bubbles it has created but never mind still looks cool and i am sure she will enjoy it.


wow checkn out Amy's lush candy it is a beautiful HM stamp, she bought 2 one for a lucky winner bless her and one for herself of course and why not. go have a peek


check out emma's blog candy she has to celebrate her birthday on the 11th of this romantic month(February is the best month for birthdays) lol

Monday, 2 February 2009


Seeing as the main subject of the day is snow. I thought i would mention how i love it when you have a perfect snowed up path with no marks on and then a little birdie lands and makes his mark leaving a trail behind "sweetie" "tweetie"


Check out the delightful blog candy that sharon has at she is sharing all the love she has on valentines day not to a man but to her blogging buddies how sweet is that.

Daughters card for the day

This is what my 9 year old has made today for her cousins birthday on the 5th, bless her i think she has done really well and i said i would show off her work on my blog. (she thinks she is a celebrity now) but it has kept her occupied whilst being at home


Well i am pleased to say i have managed to create my first challenge for the week, i decided a day off from the packing and cleaning and some well deserved me time. Well with the kids as well. I am really pleased with myself and i have also decorated both of the insides as well. I have used various scraps of backing papers, my new heart pins (wow) i love these, gems, raffia and of course tilda from the new valentines range.

hope you like



OMG everyone i am the winner of the amazing candy that Paula was offering on what a fantastic treat and great inspiration for me to work with in my new craft room asap, the lovely sherbet stamps are released today so if you weren't as lucky as me why not go and have a little peek they are just gorgeous.


Good Morning one and all
Yes we got up to a load of snow today and so far has been very amusing watching the cars trying to get up the hill as no gritters came on our street as usual and if they can't get up it they are skidding down it (not good). My hubby couldn't get up the hill in his car either so had to take my freelander which is a little tempremental at the moment but never the less she got him to work safe and sound. Have the children all 3 of them at home so it will be a busy entertaining day or they may just let me get some cards made will have to see how the day pans out. Hope you all have a funfilled day especially those of you who have snow.
ta raaaaaaaaa for now

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Photo Challenged

Yes i have been challenged by the lovely Lynda, thank you Lynda, it has made me stop for a few minutes to my hectic moving schedule bless you, well here it is. My beautiful and only daughter dressed in her new Irish Dancing Costume, she has to wear a wig also(that curly hair is not hers but her wig) lol for those of you fooled by it (joke0. I love this dress she looks so elegant when she dances in it. She doesn't do her dancing anymore due to the expense and lack of interest more into modern dance jazz, salsa, latin etc hope you like and great to stop and dwell on some really happy times as i am a litttle stressed to say the least what with moving and having three children running riot. Catch you all soon
ps i am slowly catching up onmy messages everyone has left Thank you for your kind comments
rules:-Here are the rules for this challenge:*Open the folder "my pictures".*In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.*Write something about the picture.*Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.*Put a link in their blog to let them know they are challenged