Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cross, upset and annoyed

Good evening (in a very cross voice)
I am so upset (really). I have worked my balls of all day doing house chores, ironing, running around after 3 children, getting ready for school tomorrow etc. Finally got me time and thought i would sit and do some challenges using my new sherbet stamps from pollycraft, when i used my guillotine and the card was to thick and yes you guessed it(it broke). so i used my spare guillotine which is 5 years old and yes you guessed its rubbish and doesn't cut straight so found myself cutting it further and further until the card was to small. I am screaming, crying and really fed up now. My husband thinks its hilirousbut said he would buy me a new one but i want one now. So i am now trying to make a card using my metal ruler and cutting mat and it is taking for ages feel like just brushing it all of the table and going to bed in a huff. If i do get this card finished i will need a blooming huge medal. Hope you guys had a better evening.

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