Monday, 2 February 2009


Good Morning one and all
Yes we got up to a load of snow today and so far has been very amusing watching the cars trying to get up the hill as no gritters came on our street as usual and if they can't get up it they are skidding down it (not good). My hubby couldn't get up the hill in his car either so had to take my freelander which is a little tempremental at the moment but never the less she got him to work safe and sound. Have the children all 3 of them at home so it will be a busy entertaining day or they may just let me get some cards made will have to see how the day pans out. Hope you all have a funfilled day especially those of you who have snow.
ta raaaaaaaaa for now


  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun too! I live on a little hill and we dont have th gritters either and so cars are slipping a sliding! And its still snowing!!
    Thanks for being so lovely - Mills got food poisoning from rice from nursery, basically with rice if you dont reheat it to boiling point or cover it whilst on the side bacteria breeds in it like crazy - it can be quite lethal. When i was about 12 i got food poisoning from rice i was hospitalised for about a week it was horrid.
    The only good thing was that i didnt cause it - i would have been devastated if i had.
    The bags on the bellas cards are made from cricut machine - they are so cool and easy to make all different designs.
    Ill be offering some Bella stamped images on so keep your eyes peeled.
    Hope you have a lovely day with the kiddies its so fun when they get all excited. We are currently having cocoa and marshmallows whilst painting lol
    love tasha xx

  2. Hi Debra, no snow here in n. ireland yet, apparently we're getting some though, brrr, don't really mind if we don't lol. Kids are hoping that we will and that their school will be closed as we live on a hill too and the buses won't be able to make it up. Whats with all us living on hills? lol. Have a fun day with the kids and hope you manage to get some crafting done. Donna x

  3. morning deb just been on the big playing field with the children at school, pulling them round on sledges and we now have a field full of snowmen, going inside for hot chocolate and the snowman video now.
    love and hugs
    big sis tracy xx