Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blog Counter

Dear bloggy friends i have been trying to put a blog counter onto my blog, but as usual when i try to do these things they just don't work for me. I don't know why i have followed there instructions at least 20 times now and i am quite annoyed. I would like to see how many visitors i am getting and then when i have reached my first 1,000 hits i too would like to offer some lush candy to celebrate
Please help


  1. Some of them are very difficult to follow all the cut and paste features , etc... But the one I have on my blog was VERY EASY (rich is a requirement for my brain to work correctly) - so go to my blog and hit my counter and it should take you right to the link to get your own. Let me know if it works....if not I will send you a link.

  2. Wow Jacque
    You are just great, finally it has worked. I tryed leaving you a message yesterday but couldn't get onto your blog. but thank you for all your help and your kind comments please would you visit my blog again so i can make sure my counter is working. Thank you Debra xx

  3. YEAH! Debra has a counter! You go girl! It is just so much fun to see how many people have stopped by. Thanks for becoming a follower over at my blog.