Friday, 16 October 2009


Hi Everyone

As most of you know i am seperating from my husband and it has been a few tricky months in this house to say the least. But I finally have a house and will be moving into it tomorrow(yipppeeeeee) and my children will follow me a week later and then it is half term. So i will need to get connected to a new server hopefully BT this time as virgin been a flaming nightmare. So hope you all miss me and hopefully i will be back after half term or maybe before who knows, but i will try and get very creative in my new place especially as i will finally have some me time when the children go to there dads house, most weekends(lucky me eh) but long deserved.
hugs to you all
Debra xx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Free Ugg Boots

Go check out Ugg Boots for a chance to win your little one a kiddies pair of these gorgeous and warm feet toasties (lol). I love them and i know my daughther would love a pair. they are so snug and cosey especially with the cold weather coming

Friday, 2 October 2009

Baby Boys card

This is just a quick posting of a new born baby card i have been asked to make. This is a keepsake card and therefore the blank frames are to put a pic of there new born son and there other toddler son (21/2). i have based it on a scrapbook type card as i thought that would suit the customers needs. Anyways she hasn't seen it yet so will let you know later what she thinks and i also made a opretty box to put it in but forgot to take a pic (duhhhhhh)