Friday, 20 February 2009


Due to the fact we are skint in this household after christmas and then with moving i sadly didn't get any birthday presents (aghhhhhhhh) as my birthday was on the 18th just gone. But on a more positive note i have just ordered 2 sets of copics manga 1 and manga 2 and a blender pen, thought i would give these pens a rty as i couldn't get on with my sisters promarkers even though i do not know how to use these copics i am sure my bloggy friends will spurr me on. I also ordered some blooms in seaside and exotic all from crafts u love I then decided to order some BG papers from the glitter pot as these are such an excellent price. Thats all for now but i will be ordering some of the new easter magnolia stamps as these are just beautiful and some more stamps when i catch up on the new releases. So i should have enough stuff to keep me going for a day (lol) only joking more like for a few weeks not loaded like some of you guys, just need a martha stewart punch now anybody feel like donating me a freebie (he he he) guess not i will have to try and win some then.
that's all folks (bugs bunny line) i think xx


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I am so glad you are back with us - you were missed! I can tell by your counter numbers. Wahoo!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog Debra, you have some lovely cards on your blog and I hope that you are back cardmaking real soon so that I can see some more of them :) Donna x