Saturday, 7 February 2009


Good morning bloggy friends
thought i would get 2 mins to do a last minute posting before we depart. I have managed to pack most things and what a busy and stressful week it has been especially with the snow and kids of screaming not been easy. Any i will say farewell for a FEW DAYS UNTIL I BACK ONLINE AT MY NEW HOUSE AND HOPEFULLY WILL BE UP AND RUNNing in my craftroom.
tool a few pics of the mess whislt packing and moving this morning and also have the 2 youngsters with us today (so that should be fun) NOT. Anyway have fun you guys and see you all soon

Debra xx


  1. Hi Debra!
    Good luck, hun...just keep thinking that by this time next week you'll be moved and unpacked (well, that's what I have to keep telling myself, LOL!).
    Take care, and can't wait to see your new creations.
    Hugs, Simonne x

  2. Hey hun, goodluck with the move i know its stressful, but majorly exciting too. Cant wait to see pics of your new crafting space and seeing what wonderful cards you come up with. Have a fabulous weekend
    love tasha xx

  3. Good Luck, be safe and look forward to you being back up and running - you will be missed!

  4. Good luck with the move sis sorry I couldn't help with the kids this time as i a bit poorly left you an award over on my blog for you to pick up when you back on the internet in your new home.
    hugs Tracy x

  5. You are following my blog,

    can you please visit and update it to my new blog..

    many thanks hunny. xx