Tuesday, 8 September 2009

You've got me intears but Thanks

Hi to all my bloggy friends
I logged on this morning to find i have 6 comments regarding my situation. I totally overwhelmed by everybodies support and there own personal experiences of this situation, it is re assuring when you know so many others have been through it especially with children invloved, i must say i was fair crying when reading all your supportive comments, but hoepfully i will be laughing again one day in the future. Thanks everyone and i'll try pop over to your indivdual blogs.
hugs Debra

1 comment:

  1. Mt heart goes out to you Debra - I do know what you're going through - been there & done that etc. It won't seem like it now but there are advantages to being a one parent family (too lenghty to put here - if you want to know email me addy on blog profile) - just give it time.
    If ever you feel like shouting, screaming, ranting, raving, crying - whatever just mail me.
    Lots of comforting hugs Heather xx
    Look after yourself as well as the children.