Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Magnetic Board

I bought this K&Co kit decades ago and thought i would make it up(pic 1). It cost about £7.95 which was expensive i thought but i thought i would just use it as a template. Anyways it took about all of 5 mins to make and i love it and can't bare to part with it (lol). So as planned i made a template and have also made my own version for my neighbours birthday which is the glitzy pink and black version, took longer obviously as i had to cut out pieces etc and of all the things i haven't used i years i could have really done with my thingy (lol) now whats it blooming called. The xyron machine you put papers through to make it sticky, oh and i now i have thought of something else i could have used. Typical isn't it (the double sided a4 sheets would have also been perfect) never mind i'll remember next time. please enlighten me on what the machine thingy is please ? creative station ring any belles?


  1. these are gorgeous Debra, love the pink one!

  2. Wow Deb,
    These are so clever!
    Really special!

    fern xx

  3. Thanks so much for entering my candy - good luck