Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wha a ninken poop

Well as you know i haven't bloggd or crafted for a while and it just goes to show, i wondered what the messages thing was at the top of my dashboard so clicked it and there you have it 13 messages waiting for me to authorise lol. Didn't even know i had to do this, i took that letter thing of (if you know what i mean) ? authentication last time i was in blogland many months ago (did wonder why no one had commented lol, but now i know (he he). Thanks for all the comments it is really encouraging as i nearly just sold all my craft stuff but hubby persuaded me to keep until i picked up again ( thank goodness he did) i must have been crazy lol.
Well looking forward to this year after 2 rubbish ones think we will b a complete family again, better health and a new career (whoop, whoop). i must update my profile and pic now that i am a glamourous qualified beauty therapist (head swells) lol.
hugs Debbie


  1. so glad you didn't sell your craft stuff Debbie, get those cards made and blogged! Donna x

  2. Well I am glad you didn't sell your craft stuff either. It is such a great outlet and great way to relax and share your creative side.
    I just popped in to thank you for entering my blog candy. I appreciate the kind words and appreciate you putting on your sidebar
    Good Luck

  3. oh my gosh Debbie, so glad you're back! Sounds like you had a hard time but I'm so glad you didn't sell all your craft stuff! Welcome back to carding & blogging sweetie!
    take care
    hugs & blessings!