Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Completely devastated

Hi Everyone
As you all know i started back to work as a fulltime Dental Nurse after landing myself a brill job. I was so proud of myself for getting this post after not nursing for 11 years and this was my first interview so i was chuffed to bits. Anyways i have done two days work and love it and they love me, but that is short lived as i have now had to tell them i can no longer do it due to childcare costs. I cried myself to sleep last nite as i am iam completely devastated. There seems to be no childminders in my area that will pick up and take to school and the after school clubs just want to rip me of off charging £10.50 per child for 2 hours minding so it would cost me £9 per morning, £21 per after school and £30 for my 21/2 year old son for nursery per day. Can anyone else justify this. So the only way i could possibly work would be to leave my husband and then i would be paid so many benefits etc and childcare would be paid and free school dinners. It is so wrong. Any one can you advise i so want to go back to work and no i cannot qualify for tax credits as my hubby works. So what shall i do? I have lost all will power to do anything as i just keep hitting a brick wall and just can't seem to get stuck into a card to cheer me up either.
hugs a very upset Debra


  1. Ah Debra im so sorry to hear that! Chin up hun, im sure it will sort itself. Maybe you need to wait until your little one is three - all three year olds are entitled to around 12 hours free nursery a week - that would bring costs down slightly. Nursery down here for your little one for a day would be about £40.00 so its a lot cheaper where you are. The whole childcare thing before work is a tough one - i personally think all school should offer a free before and after school club especially in this economic climate where most families need both parents working. Its crazy that often the second parents wageds is eaten by nursery costs.
    Im so sorry Debra you feel so gutted! Big virtual hugs heading your way
    love tasha xx

  2. PS you won something on Creative Card Crew
    love tasha xx

  3. Oh Debra I am so sorry to hear this news as I read your posting about getting the job and how proud you were. I cannot compare my situation to yours as I have always been a single parent and continued to work when my little one was born. I also found a wonderful child minder who knew my financial position. It wasn't until the last few years of James being at school that I received any financial help in the way of tax credits. Things have certainly changed since then and it appears single parents can get a very good deal now.
    I cannot offer any solutions except is there a family member that would be willing to help you out or maybe a friend. If not please please don't feel down or continue to be upset there is something out there for you but maybe now isn't the right time at least you know you still have the qualifications and the ability to find another good job when the time is right. I think employers are looking out for people like you so don't be down hearted.

    Lorraine x

  4. Oh Debra, I'm so sorry your joy in your new job was short lived. I do know how you feel as my daughter is in the same boat.

    I so want to help her but can't as she lives an hour and 30 minutes away. At the moment she works 4 evenings and every alternate Sunday at a job she hates and which bores her to death as she and her partner need her to work to help pay the bills. Child care per day is £35 where she lives and she can't get any help either.

    Unfortunately for my daughter and her partner though, they have no choice about her working. They need both wages to keep their heads above water so comfort yourself in the knowledge that you can choose not to work for the time being and in a couple of years time you can try again.

    I personally think childcare should be free for everyone who has pre-school children.

    Lesley Xx

  5. this is so lovely
    xoxo BA