Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Commissioned boys card

This is a commissioned card by my regular customer. Sorry about the poor photos i am having a nightmare taking them and had to do this with the night mode on as they kept glaring otherwise. Anyways this is the first i have ever made a laptop 3d card before and i am chuffed with the finished results, don't really know how this all came together but it did (lol). I used a flat packed box and lid and all sorts of scrap cards from my stash, all the embellishments etc are from my stash to, photo is the cutomer young boy who is 21 on Wednesday hence the 21st key on the cover of the laptop, he his a computer nerd(pardon my slang) according to his mum. hope to make a female version next ime in pink of course. hugs Debra


  1. Debra Fantastic card, great for a special occasion, I sympathise with the camera problem, I too am having that, so annoying when you want to show something that you know is good, but does not come up on the Camera the way you want it....Hugs Avril xx

  2. Debra! Wow, this is great! Does he work for IBM? Or did you just put that on for decoration? Curious, because I work for IBM!