Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What a day and week

Well this week has not been good from start to end, what with my bad back causing problems, then hubbies work problems i just had to top it all of today didn't i. As usual took the children to school and got back to the car, as usual open the front dooe and flung in my keys onto the front seat(as normal) whilst i strap my little one into his seat) but this time as i closed the front door(yes you guessed right) the door locked i must have caught the button on the key fob. The good news is my little decs wasn't actually in the car yet otherwise he would have been locked in. Anyway i had no money, no house keys and no car keys. (whoopzee). phoned hubby, he wasn't chuffed as he had just got to the otherside of Northampton, so he had to come all the way home just to let me into the house(lol) stayed at a neighbours after walking home but enjoyed the walk only 15 mins but had blisters from these blooming sandals(warm weather means sandals and blisters in my case). Anyway home and safe but keys still in the car as i haven't got a spare set so we are looking for a (crook) any offers out there, we thought a car theive, but can you find one of them when you need one not in our case, so it's either smash the window, try to be a crook ourselves and break into the car with a coat hanger or plastic card, or smash the window or just call out the professionals.
Anyone done this out there, any help or suggestions welcome.
hugs Debra


  1. Oh what a week for you hun - so not good. I am a bit of a pro at the old breaking in (i must stress i am not a car thief) My mother and my best friend have frequently locked themselves out of their cars for as long as i can remember and a firend of mine taught me how to break in so now i can rescue them both lol. I dotn advise breaking the window - call the pros out far cheaper and less hassle.
    love tasha xx

  2. Oh flippin eck deb what a week bet you was well stressed out I can't believe it!
    It was a good job like you said Decs wasn't in the car it wouldn't of been so bad if other two were in cause at least they could of undone the door what are you like!
    Tracy x

  3. Debra - Sorry for calling you Debbie - my bad! xxx