Friday, 6 March 2009

RE Blog Candy

Hi everyone
well whilst i am posting this post. firstly it is because i am at nearly 950 hits and so i promised 1000 hits would be candy. secondly i have sorted my candy ready to post hopefully tomorrow but i have come down with some sort of tummy bug so it depends wether i am up sick all night(god i hope not hate sick fullstop) give me labour any time. So i off to bed shattered, pale and feeling lousy in general hopefully everybody else ok apart from all there poorly pc's which have been a pain this week including mine.
tootle pips xx


  1. Aww sorry your feeling so bad Debra, hope you feel better after a good nights sleep, I've got a bit of a vomiting phobia myself lol, would rather have all my teeth removed than be sick. Take care. Donna x

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