Sunday, 8 March 2009

Help Please

Hi everyone
now that i am getting into blogging and have reached my first 1000 hits please can someone help me to tidy up my blog page.
1) i would like to put all my blog candy's i enter with a piccy on the right /with the end date etc and the persons name which comes up highlighted (which links people straight to there blog) if you know what i mean. I know some of you do this and are very fluent with this to.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as i have a real fear of computers and can never seem to get things right but trying my best and have come a long way since starting bloging just 2 months ago.
Debra xx


  1. hi hun well all i do is go to customise add piccie, i have copied n pasted the candy piccie on me desk top, then i add there link. title blog candy n add. i hope that make sense?? if not mail me me addy on me blog on the right! lol. sue.xx

  2. right click and save the photo of the persons blog candy.

    right click and copy the shortcut code to their blog.

    in your blog click on customise which should be at the top of ur blog page

    click add gadget

    scroll down and click on add picture

    In the title box you can type in who they are

    In caption I type in when it ends

    In link copy in the code to their blog

    Image click on browse, find the photo you saved and double click it and it will upload

    click save and its done and will be added to your blog

    hope that helps Deb x x x

    feel free to shout if you need more help

  3. wey hey, way to go hun clever girly, ya blog looks brill, glad you managed to sort it, sue.xx

  4. looks great deb, well done x x

  5. Your blog looks great already. I haven't even managed to put a 'picture' header up as I haven't a clue how to do it.

    I have something on my blog for you.

    Hugs Christine x