Saturday, 14 March 2009


Hello everyone

Well i don't know if anyone has noticed but my blog candy i had on my blog i was offering to celebrate my first 1000 hits has dissapeared and ? where to.
I was trying to edit something about 2 nites ago and since it has dissapeared and i think the awful truth is i have deleted it by mistake along with all those of you who entered and your comments. I have tried in vain to find this but with no look. I can only therefore apologise to you all and ask that you re-enter when i place this on my blog again later. Anyway i have been to the NEC today and bought some lovely penny black stamps and Magnolia stamps so i will stamp some images to add to the blog candy this time. I do hope this doesn't put anybody off entering or re-entering as everyone makes mistakes especially when exhausted which i have been this week. I am off now to sort out my blog candy again and will be reposting in about 1 hour or before.

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