Friday, 23 January 2009


Hi everyone

I am slowy moving over the next few weeks to a new house much much bigger and the best bit, i will be able to have a craft room again yippee. I am so excited, as i have been crafting in the dining room since my decs was born 2 years ago and it's so annoying when you are shattered and have to tidy up. I am moving a big chunk this weekend then the next big lot will be at half term when my hubby has the week of work. Then it wil be design time for my crat room, i quite fancy a black and white room but just not sure where to begin at the moment any useful or helpful advice always welcome and well if anyone fancies posting a pic of there craft room with a link i will defo check it out for inspiration. Well hopefully i will be able to manage some cards but i haven't done any this week, so so tired with all this packing but keep thinking (reward = craft room) and what a reward that is to work to (lol)

nite nite
Debra xx

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  1. Fantastic news Debra, I know moving house is stressful but it will be well worth it when you can lock yourself away in your own wee room AND you won't have to clear up straight away afterwards. I have a tiny craft room/back hall/cloakroom lol and I have that much stuff in their that I have no room to craft so I'm back to the dining room table lol. I'm hoping by this time next year we will have moved into a bigger house, I have to dream lol.